As the only ever legitimate and authorised Fish carburettor “Concessionaire”outside North America I decided to write this as a result of so much recently ill informed and inaccurate information being bandied about generally and on the Internet plus the recent attempted resurrection of an imitation and fake Fish carburettor. For instance I, at no time either granted, sold or authorised any of my exclusive Fish carburettor “rights” to Leonard Reece or anyone else. His version was never anything but an inefficient and illegal fraudulent fake copy., In addition to this fact and coupled with the strong personal and grateful moral obligation that I have always felt about such a great man and his “crowning” invention. To such an extent that I have often been accused of being a Fish carburettor “missionary”, probably because it has always been more of a crusade, to me, than merely a business.  World Champion Graham Hill often greeted me as, “The Fishmonger”. For over sixty years the Fish carburettor has been and still is the centre of my life and business but I still await the “T” shirt! Read on